Reading Strategy

The best reading technique for reading great books.

According to Thomas C. Corley, who spent five years researching the daily habits of 177 self-made millionaires, 88% of millionaires in his research have reading habits; the rich people constantly read books (at least for 30 minutes per day) and experiment with the knowledge in real life.

On the other…

The Power of Science

Time to overcome your goal achievement failures

There is a variety of non-sense information to reach a goal; positive thinking, commitment, self-discipline, and avoiding procrastination, and so forth. They say that avoiding procrastination is crucial to accomplish your goals. However, they don’t give you enough information or break down the…

Wiseman in your head

This article is for people who want to save and spend money wisely

Most Individuals understand that financial plans are essential to maximizing their future financial stability. They also understand that it is sometimes difficult to control financial impulsivity and compulsivity.

For instance, when it comes to money, we are prone to make bad decisions. As Dan Ariely says, most people are lured…

Learn how to learn

Scientific ways to learn anything faster.

Are you comfortable enough to build something by yourself? If not, that might be because of the wrong learning strategy.

Studying for long hours doesn’t always get us somewhere. Learning is the process of transforming the information that we’ve got into what we can utilize later.

Some highly motivated people…


My stories are about psychology-based personal improvement- psychological engineering. Reading the stories is never enough, please try it by yourself.

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